Anaplasty clinic — Beauty Center

MYKHAYLOVA LARYSA GENNADIYEVNA — cosmetologist, member of Ukrainian Association of Cosmetologists. In 1985 she obtained the diploma of dresser and nurse of cardiocabinat. In 1989 she majored in intership of medical staff of Krasnoznamenskogo and Central Asian military command on “Surgery nurse of Odessa Military hospital 1226”. In 1995 – chair of theory and methodology of physical recovery and treatment by Odessa Pedagogical University named after K.D.Ushynskyy. Specialization – masseur of recovery; tutor-methodologist of LFK and rehabilitation.

In 1996 she finished the courses of cosmetology of Odessa Union “Intervaleo” . In 2002 she learnt “Method of mesa-therapy in esthetic medicine” (Moscow, “Nike Med”). In 2004 she was graduated from Moscow humanitarian and Economic University, faculty of psychology. Specialization – consulting psychologist. In 2000 she took the course of endermology ( Kiev). She has 11-years of medical experience in the Clinic. She is in charge of the following trends cosmetology, endermology, mesa-therapy, rehabilitation.