Anaplasty clinic — Beauty Center

A new radiosurgical apparatus “Surgitron” (made in USA) is used fundamentally in the Clinic “Beauty Center” allowing and providing simultaneously atraumatic incision and coagulation of soft tissues practically without any destruction of tissues under immediate vicinity of incision limbus that is typical for mechanical and electrosurgical manipulations. This effective method is used for treatment of many tumors and its use greatly reduces the time of an operation.

Radiosugical apparatus “Surgitron” is perfectly proved itself in surgical practice. Various operations can be made with its help.

Advantages of “Surgitron” treatment are: quickness of treatment, practically bloodless site, minimal postoperative pain and quick healing.

As high frequency is used, current generated by the apparatus, passes through the body without any painful traction or stimulations of nerve endings (Faraday effect). Radiosurgical incision is made without any pressure on a tissue but with light movements bringing to minimum tissue damage. Hereby radiosurgery differs diametrically from cauterization that may provide tissue damage equaled to third-degree burn. Besides radiosurgical technique excludes completely electrical burn of a patient. In spite of the ground plate that focuses radio waves antenna plate is used. In contrast to electrosurgical devices this plate does not adjoin to a patient’s skin, it is quite enough to place it under a patient close to operative site.

From what diseases may be saved any man by means of “Surgitron” treatment?

  • Undergo cervical erosion treatments;
  • Eradicate papillomas, moles, warts, lipomas, body and face atheromas.
  • Undergo treatments of incision alterations of uterus neck after deliveries and abortions.