Anaplasty clinic — Beauty Center

Odessa Clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetology “Beauty-Center” located in Arcadia — a resort area of the city provides all types of complex and rejuvenated plastic operation.

The Clinic has available the most modern equipments , surgery branches with two operating-rooms, comfortable cubicles and two seated wards, branches of cosmetology and post-operational rehabilitation .

Plastic operations are performed by high-qualified specialists with higher medical education and wide experience having majored and been on probation in best the Clinics of Western Europe.

Final results of aesthetic correction are formed owing to the combination of surgical and methods of cosmetology supplementing each other. “Beauty-Center” is the first Clinic with symbiosis of cosmetology and surgery.

Branch of aesthetic surgery of the Clinic “Beauty-Center” provides the following types of operations:

Face rejuvenated operations:

  • forehead lifting , external part of eyebrow;
  • plastic of upper and lower eyelids, transconjunctiva blepharoplasty;
  • Lifting of middle one-third of face (elimination of nasolabial wrinkles);
  • Lifting of lower one-third of face and neck;
  • Lipoaspiration and plastic of chin region;
  • Face circular lifting.

Change of shape and size of chin and cheek-bones:

  • by means of outofat (lipofeeling)
  • by means of implants;


  • aesthetic rhinoplasty ( Change of external nose form);
  • functional operation under respiratory impairment;
  • correction of congenital deformation and post-traumatic defects.

Correction of shapes:

  • Plastic under squarrose cochlea;
  • Reconstructive operations under congenital and post-traumatic defects.

Correction of face skewness:

  • Elimination of deformations after injection of poliacrylamide gel;

Reinforcement of face and body by gold threads

Transplantation of hairs ( outortransplantation)

Operation of mammary glands:

  • Mammoplasty:
    • Elimination of ptosis (falling);
    • contraction of volume (reducing mammoplasty);
    • dilatation (endoprosthesis [prosthesic] replacement by different types of implants)
  • Breast reconstruction:
    • using expanders and prosthesis;
    • using own tissues of a patient;
    • reconstraction and correction of mammilla- areolar complex;
    • elimination of deformation of mammary [lactiferous] gland after introduction of ПААГ (helium implants)
  • operations under gynecomastia of men

Abdominal and vertebral operations:

  • abdominal plastic ( including mini abdominal plastic)
  • liposuction ( lipoaspiration)
    • region of anterior abdominal wall;
    • vertebral region;
    • region of loin (waist formation );
  • lipomodulation
  • correction of post-operative and post-traumatic deformations

Plastic surgery of hand:

  • surgery correction of hand trauma consequences;
  • surgery treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture.

Lower extremities operations:

  • liposuction (lipoaspiration):
    • of internal and external surface of thigh;
    • region of knee and shin
  • change of shape and size of buttocks and shins:
    • by means of outofat;
    • by means of implantsв
  • Aesthetic surgery of vessels of legs :
    • cosmetic vein ectomy;
    • sclerotherapy of vessels lower extremities
  • Foot operations:
    • correction of onychocryptosis;
    • correction of valgus angulation of right toe

Cicatrix correction:

  • post-traumatic;
  • post- burns;
  • post-operative;
  • keloid

Eradication of benign tumors