Anaplasty clinic — Beauty Center

Concern for your appearance is the main concept of the Clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetology “Beauty Center” that it is well known for its specialists not only in Ukraine but also abroad. We have the beast specialists in plastic field and aesthetic surgery, anesthesiology of gynecology , combining medical practice with constant improvement of our specialists’ knowledge. During the work of the Clinic patients,from all the world ,were operated there including USA, Australia, Canada, countries of West Europe.

Operations of any degree of complexity are performed at “Beauty Center” including removal of congenital pathologies. Classical operations of change of nose’s shape and elimination of wrinkles were perfectly performed there and still it is performing.

Results of an aesthetic operation depend on surgery’s skill and equipment of an operating-room. The latest progress in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetology, all up-to-date methods of rejuvenation used in the best European clinics, become at once available for our clients. High-qualified specialists of the clinic are working in the course modern trends using complex method of rejuvenation, appearance perfection and ageing prophylaxis. Our specialists are the first who practice new, non-operation ways of youth extension and later named as “beauty injection”.

Ultimate results of aesthetic correction form owing to combining of surgical and cosmetic methods supplement each other. “Beauty Center” – is the first clinic with symbiosis of cosmetology and surgery. Such combination has allowed not only putting off terms of surgical operations but finding less traumatic surgical methods of all.

The whole suite of the Clinic locates in Arcadia – a picturesque health resort area of Odessa. The windows of our clinic face the sea with its picturesque view. The whole postoperative rehabilitation takes place in a comfortable atmosphere and care of a medical staff and favorable climatic conditions, fresh maritime air that provides a quick recover of your organism.

A solicitous attitude to yourself, to your health, striving for mental balance, harmony and cheerful perception of life – is a real way to awake your youth energy. It is only enough to understand that the main value of your life – is you personally, your appearance and inner beauty and specialists of the Clinic “Beauty Center’ help your to reserve it.