Anaplasty clinic — Beauty Center

Odessa Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetology ‘Beauty Center’ located in Arcadia – in a resort area of the city, provides all types of complex and rejuvenated plastic operations.


Cosmetology is a science of skin effect with the purpose to rejuvenate it and remove wrinkles. Thanks to combination of surgical and cosmetology methods we achieve hormonal results transforming your appearance.


The Clinic “Beauty Center” is equipped with a modern operative bloke, comfortable hospital and rehabilitation branch embodying with the most up-to-date methods of preoperative preparations and postoperative rehabilitation.


All systems of the organism are interrelated. In a case of a chronicle disease of female sexual sphere, state of your skin and appearance become worse.
Gynecologists and endocrinologists give consultations in our Clinic.

Beauty saloon

A beauty saloon has been opened in the center of the city near to Opera Theater and it is a subdivision of Plastic, Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetology Clinic “Beauty- Center” located in Frantsuzkyy Boulevard and knowing for its specialists for long time in Ukraine and abroad.